water line trench

what lies beneath…

have you ever thought about what lies under the grass?

ever wonder if maybe there are things under the ground that can tell us what the land was like hundreds of years before it was developed?

or do you think about what we put under the ground to make our city function on a daily basis? how does water move through our City’s downtown?

we’ve been digging up the site to install some of the pipes and infrastructure that will help the park to function smoothly.

we didn’t find any buried cars or interesting artifacts. but we did find a lot of large rocks (pit run), similar to that of riverbeds!

makes you wonder what used to run through this land hundreds of years ago, doesn’t it?

water line trench 3

water line trench 2

water line trench

water line trench 4

new sidewalk prep 2

new sidewalk prep

6 thoughts on “what lies beneath…

  1. Well considering you are in the Bow Valley which what’s created when the Wiscostain Glaciaion started to recede 11000 years ago. Did you not notice the two large banks on either side of the Dt area ? Crescent Heights and Bankview ?

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